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about me

Hi, my name is Elisabeth. I am 25 and a nutritional scientist.

From the beginning I was fascinated by the effects of nutrition on overall health and how much you can benefit from it every day. But I didnt’t just want to know what to eat, but also what’s inside. Therefore I focused on food analysis during my studies. Currently I am working as analysist in a food safety laboratory near Berlin where we asess pesticide residues in fruit, vegetables and foodstuff.

about science

I studied at the University of Potsdam, which is one of the most prestigious universities for nutritional science in Germany. The main focus during the 5-year education was research. Closely related to the German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE) we had the opportunity to be part of newest developements in the field. We also learned to evaluate and conduct our own scientific studies. Therefore I dealt with the evaluation of protein-based diets for obese patients within a clinical study during my master thesis.

about nutrition

about nutrition

Nutrition is not only about providing your body with energy. It’s rather your foundation for a well nourished body and mind which you will profit from your entire life.

Currently there are a gazillion of myths and opinions circulating around the internet about diets,, is the best one to lose weight or which nutrient is dangerous to your health. If the following is applicable to your situation, you’ve found the right place:

Do you feel misled by news and social media? Are you looking for reliable information from impartial sources? Do you have doubts regarding your own nutritional lifestyle?  Do you wish you could turn to somone for scientific advice?

I am offering dutifully and thoroughly researched articles about current (controversial) topics regarding nutrition. It’s not my intention to spread my personal opinion. Instead, I will provide scientific information about nutrition in an easy-to-understand manner to enable you to take your own decisions based on a strong foundation of knowledge.

about this blog

The easiest way to lose a friend is to start an argument about politics, children or nutrition.

All of you propably experienced that moment, maybe whilst family dinner or a restaurant visit with your colleagues. Your friend starts rhapzodising about her current diet. Maybe she stopped eating gluten because of some article she read online that said you’d lose 10kg in a week if you quit carbs. Or she became vegan last week, because she saw that 33-characters-long tweet and is now a nutrition specialist.

Well, and you feel kind of weird with your teeth sunk in that bricohe-wrapped beefy burger.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good that we are talking about nutrition and become more aware of what we eat. But I don’t want everybody to babble about nutrition and spread poorly researched “facts” they got from some pseudo-scientific website or influencer. This only creates an intransparent jungle of myths nobody can pass through without guidance.

Therefore I want to offer you guidance with this blog and I want to encourage the scientific discussion about nutrition. And now you have to options: you can continue eating your burger with a mouth full of words (and beef) that will never be spoken. Or you can swallow your fear of losing a friend (which you propably wont if it is a worthy friend) and start an open discussion with the knowledge you’ve gained.

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